Vectors can contain any type that can be represented as a zval. Note that the data contained in the array will be copied into Rust types and stored inside the vector. The internal representation of a PHP array is discussed below.

T parameter&T parameterT Return type&T Return typePHP representation

Internally, PHP arrays are hash tables where the key can be an unsigned long or a string. Zvals are contained inside arrays therefore the data does not have to contain only one type.

When converting into a vector, all values are converted from zvals into the given generic type. If any of the conversions fail, the whole conversion will fail.

Rust example

#![cfg_attr(windows, feature(abi_vectorcall))]
extern crate ext_php_rs;
use ext_php_rs::prelude::*;
pub fn test_vec(vec: Vec<String>) -> String {
    vec.join(" ")
fn main() {}

PHP example


var_dump(test_vec(['hello', 'world', 5])); // string(13) "hello world 5"